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Mobileye fleet optimization:

keeps your drivers safe, prevents collisions, and improves your bottom line


Accident risk minimization

thanks to Mobileye’s innovative collision avoidance technology

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Lack of driver attention is the main cause for accidents.

The Mobileye real-time warnings help drivers to react timely –
customers have experience a 90% reduction in forward collisions

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – Safety and efficiency for your fleet

CONSPECTRUM distributes Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and safety solutions for fleet-customers. Our vision is to protect your vehicle fleet through the distribution of certified Collision Avoidance Systems.

Since 2015 we have been helping customers from all over the world to improve their fleet safety and our work has made an important contribution towards thereduction of traffic accidents as well as the improvement of public safety

As an independent distributor of Mobileye, the global leader in ADAS and autonomous driving technologies, we guarantee the long-term optimization of your fleet and income: Mobileye saves lives, prevents collisions and reduces fuel and maintenance costs.

Mobileye – a one-time investment that pays for itself

Mobileye acts as a driver’s thrid eye

Mobileye ADAS

Mobileye is the global market leader in the field of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and collision avoidance. Due to its highly intelligent image sensing and processing technology Mobileye is capable of recognizing all sorts of dangers on the road, acting as a driver’s third eye. Mobileye is the only system that combines all important ADAS-functions in one single product: Collision warning, headway monitoring, speed limit indication, lane departure warning an many more.

Numerous studies prove the immediate and sustainable success of the Mobileye ADAS. We invite you to retrofit your fleet with Mobileye – the system pays for itself in less than 12 months.

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Accident prevention

Truck and bus drivers are on the road for many hours a day, which exposes them to a high amount of dangers and distractions . The Mobileye ADAS is the latest Collision Avoidance System and can be retrofitted to buses, trucks, and other commercial vehicles.

Mobileye provides all crucial ADAS features, including lane departure warning (LDW), pedestrian and bicycle collision, as well as headway monitoring.

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Fleet Safety Solutions

Efficient fleet management includes not only controlling and administrating the fleet, but also guaranteeing the safety of the crew. The investment in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems leads to a 60% reduction in overall collisions and a 90% reduction in forward collisions.

The benefits and savings that result from retrofitting are impressive. Fleet managers and CEOs from all over the world have already experienced the success of the system.

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Benefits and savings

Save lives

Mobileye ADAS offers the unique opportunity to save the lives of human beings and verifiably improves the road safety.

Up to 60% less accidents

The implementation of the Mobileye technology leads to an immediate reduction of accidents and rear-end collisions.

Real-time warning

80% of all collisions happen due to driver distraction. Mobileye provides real-time warning and extends the response time.

Reduced insurance premiums

The decrease of accidents and loss rates leads to considerable insurance savings.

Up to 15% less fuel consumption

Mobileye changes the driving behavior and encourages an attentive way of driving – 15% less fuel consumption. .


The ADAS generates data that can be exported in telematics systems and thus provides an exclusive insight into your fleet, including individual driver behavior.


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