Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – more Safety, fewer Costs

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are rightly on the advance. ADAS support drivers facing hectic and unpredictable traffic situations, providing real-time warnings if any potential threats are detected. ADAS, like the Mobileye-solution, reduce collisions and accidents, improving your safety records.

The Mobileye Collision Avoidance System is the technological leader in the area of advanced image sensing and processing technology, capable of identifying all objects near to the vehicle – other cars, pedestrians, or cyclists.

“Our Technologies prevent collisions, save lives and lower operating costs.”

– Ziv Aviram, CEO Mobileye


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In case one of these objects becomes an actual danger, the ADAS reacts immediately, warning drivers via visual and audio alerts. The system not only minimizes risk and loss ratios, it actually protects and saves human lives.

Mobileye revolutionizes Driver Safety

Mobileye is the World leader in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. With over ten years of intense research and development, Mobileye has gained an unprecedented understanding of the specific challenges that drivers face on the road.

The company has taken advantage of its expert knowledge, designing one of the most progressive technologies in autonomous driving and driver assistance. Mobileye offers an unique sensor and camera-based system, which functions as a driver’s third eye, constantly focused on the street and sending visual and audio alarms, if necessary.

Mobileye acts as a driver’s thrid eye

Mobileye acts as a driver’s thrid eye

For over 15 years Mobileye’s unchallenged expertise has saved the lives of numerous drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, specialized for all potential sources of dangers on the road. Fleet operations of all sizes have experienced massive reductions in collisions as well as notable savings in fuel and maintenance costs.

Also, leading automotive manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Tesla, SCANIA, IVECO, and many more, have integrated the Mobileye Assistance System into their car models, all being very satisfied with the result.

You, too, should consider retrofitting your fleet with the global pioneer in collision avoidance systems. Mobileye leads to a 60%-reduction in general accidents and a 90%-decrease in rear-end collisions.

Mobileye saves lives, increases safety, and improves operating profit. Mobileye ADAS – a one-time expense that pays off.

Driver Assistance Systems in Practice

The Mobileye-ADAS is the latest technological advancement in collision avoidance and the only system capable of sending real-time notifications to the driver, helping him to respond promptly.

Mobileye uses an intelligent vision sensor that functions as a bionic eye, scanning the driving environment and recognizing any potential hazard. Further, it constantly measures the distance to preceding vehicles, calculating the risk of collision.

The ADAS even detects lane markings and traffic signs, transmitting the information in real-time to the EyeWatch display installed inside the vehicle. When danger is imminent, visual and audio alerts help the driver react and avert the danger.

Fleet managers from all over the world have retrofitted their fleet with the Mobileye solution, benefitting from various system features, such as a Speed Limit Indicator, Headway Monitoring, Lane Departure Warning and Pedestrian Detection. The result: an immediate reduction in collisions as well as significant cost savings.

Mobileye retrofit

Mobileye can be retrofitted to any vehicle

About the retrofit with Mobileye it is important to understand that the Mobileye-ADAS is not a Plug and Play-Solution, like a navigation system. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems have to be installed and calibrated professionally, so that the high-precision functions as telemetry, Blind Spot Assist and Lane Departure Warning can react properly.

The Mobileye-ADAS is thus a retrofit system, that can be retrofitted to single vehicles or extensive vehicle fleets.

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Driver Assistance and Security Functions of Mobileye

Collision Warning

Forward Collision Warning

Pedestrian Warning

Pedestrian and Bicycle Warning

Mobileye LDW

Lane Departure Warning

safety distance

Headway Monitoring

Speed Limit Indicator

Speed Limit Indicator

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