Protect your fleet and reduce loss ratios

Managing an entire fleet is a huge responsibility. An extensive amount of vehicles means a great number of drivers who deserve a certain amount of protection. According to a nationwide study by the Deutsche Verkehrssicherheitsrat (DVR), 60% of all fatal work accidents occur on the road, with driver inattention being the primary cause of 80% of overall accidents and collisions.

Mobileye is the most advanced and sophisticated Driver Assistance System in the fleet industry, and the only technology worldwide that provides six lifesaving alerts. You, too, should consider retrofitting your fleet with the world leader in Collision Avoidance Systems: Mobileye saves lives, minimizes risk, lowers fuel costs and improves your operating profit.

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Mobileye can be seamlessly integrated into your Fleet Management System

Vehicle fleets of all sizes have experienced tangible and measurable advantages as a result of retrofitting of the Mobileye ADAS, including the immediate reduction in road accidents, long-term improvements in driver behavior, as well as a proven increase in profits.

More security and efficiency for your fleet

Deploying the Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in your vehicle fleet means sustainable optimization of your fleet, guaranteeing the highest safety standards currently available on the market.

With Mobileye, you provide your drivers with an intelligent and always attentive co-driver. The system is based on highly developed sensor technology that functions like a bionic eye, permanently supervising the driving environment. When detecting a potential threat, Mobileye alerts the driver via visual and audio warning signals.

Mobileye is the latest technological advancement for preventing accidents and collisions, helping to keep the drivers of your fleet safe.

One System – five lifesaving features

Your drivers spend a lot of time on the road, where they are exposed to various dangers and distractions. Based on many years of research and development, Mobileye is trained for any risk factor that can negatively affect your fleet. Thanks to this unprecedented expertise, Mobileye is the leading manufacturer in the area of ADAS. The system combines five lifesaving security features in one single product, counteracting the most common accident causes. Mobileye – the easiest way of protecting your fleet.

The following features are included in the safety package: Mobileye provides permanent headway monitoring, scans the driving environment to detect potential threats – pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles etc. – warning the driver if danger is imminent. Even lane departure warning as well as speed limit indication are integrated in the safety solution. The ADAS improves the driving habits of your fleet, avoiding up to 90% of all forward collisions.

Mobileye is a one-time investment worth making: The system reduces fleet costs and normally pays off in less than 12 months. Optimize your fleet now – you won’t regret it.

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Collision reduction

Mobileye encourages a more conscious and attentive way of driving. One of the largest European FMCG fleets experienced a 100% reduction in forward collision and a 60% reduction in overall collisions and accidents.

Your fleet can accomplish the same.

Integration with FMS System

fleet management

Facilitates managing your fleet and drivers

As a fleet manager, it is challenging to keep track of the entire fleet. Mobileye allows exclusive insight into individual driver behavior, providing a high degree of transparency into your fleet.

Mobileye can be easily integrated into your fleet management system as well as your telematics system – the generated data can be exported to third-party systems. Whether you are responsible for a fleet of trucks, buses, transporters, cars, or taxis – Mobileye supports fleet managers from all over the world, providing a safe and efficient management process.

One-time investment. Long-term profit.

loss ratios

60 % less accidents


90% less forward collisions

fuel savings

Reduced fuel consumption up to 15%


More transparency


Reduced insurance premiums

mobileye costs

Pays for itself in less than 12 months